Resident Services

Reiner Communities is a “mission-based” housing sponsor. Our mission of preserving, enhancing and creating affordable housing goes well beyond the physical improvements.  It is really all about the people. 

In many cases, our resident’s needs exceed an affordable rental rate. In order to meet these needs we partner with non-profit organizations which specialize in service enriched housing.  Resident services can include health services and nutrition counseling or life skills such as computer training, English as second language classes, adult education and homework assistance. Resident needs can vary greatly from community to community so we tailor our services for each property. Whenever possible, we endeavor to add Service Coordinators to our site staff, who have the professional training required to support resident independence and enhance quality of life.
Reiner Communities pays extra attention to property common areas and service facilities, which not only provides an exceptional platform for services, but also instills pride and builds a sense of community.